21st Century Skills Based Learning

Character building

Adaptibility, Discipline, empathy, social awareness


Performing Arts, Visual Arts


Outdoor sports, Indoor sports


Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

Life Skills

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity Communication

Our Mission

ed2100 aims at creating a student centred learning environment

where students are guided every step of the way in their learning journey, are able to learn as per their skills and interests, have access to a large variety of learning resources available to them in one place, and are able to develop holistically and excel in the 21st century environment.

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    ed2100 is a smart engine which give you a personalized learning experience.

  • immersive experience

    Learning becomes 90% more effective when you learn by practically applying your learning.

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    You will receive holistic education which prepares you to succeed in the 21st century environment.

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